Newcastle Escort safety

Here at Bonds Newcastle escorts the safety of both our girls and clients is of the utmost importance. We have implemented a number of safety features to ensure wherever possible that everyone involved has an enjoyable and safe time.

We work in partnership with Northumberland Police and other escort related organisations to ensure that we have the most upto date information and North East escort related documentation. National Ugly Mugs are an organisation which has the interests of escorts and sex workers in general at heart and they produce a number of useful documents and guides. NUM also hold details of dangerous clients and incidents that may have taken place and we believe we are the only agency in the North East to have implemented systems to check client details against issued warnings automatically and every time.

Northumbria Police provide dedicated liasion officers to deal with any escort related queries or issues. These officers are trained to deal specifically with escorts and understand the industry, you can find a list of the DLO officers details here.